About BeyondtheWord

BeyondtheWord is an orthographic learning journey...
my journey and the journey of many others who are empowered and inspired to investigate how the structure of the English spelling system really works.

Lyn, based in Tasmania, Australia, works as an international educational consultant. Lyn has been an educator for 40 years, teaching and consulting in Australia and internationally. She has taught a wide range of children from Early Childhood to upper primary

Currently, Lyn consults with many schools and educators in Australia, North America, Europe and South East Asia. She runs a variety of workshops for schools, teachers, students and parents to support the effective and engaging implementation of the structure of the English spelling system.

Lyn's passion is guiding and inspiring others; children and adults, on an orthographic learning journey 
of real discovery and enlightenment.

Lyn has been a practitioner and professional mentor in this area, studying orthographic linguistics since early 2000. She continues to engage in regular orthographic scholarship with linguistics and educators.

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