Thursday 22 November 2012

Building Word Webs through a Collaborative Approach

Orthography: Morphology, Etymology, Phonology
Searching beyond the word: understanding how and why words 
are related in meaning and spelling.
Round Table Word Webs is a collaborative activity that can support and guide young learners to fully understand the significance of identifying the meaning of the word to discover the spelling. This learning activity has been used with a variety of age groups and can be adapted to any level. 
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Students build a word web for the
base <pack>.
Students creating a word web for the
base <hope>.
Students recording their theories and ideas
for a 'work in progress' class word web for the
base <light>.
A published, but not completed, word web
indicating the origin of the base <heal>.

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Orthography in the Early Years: Investigating the underlying structure of English words to support essential reading, writing and spelling development

Orthography in the early years
...Is that possible? 
...Is that  an essential part  of children's learning in the early years?
...Why would I teach such a concept to young children?
Please refer to the blog post: Can you teach morphology to young children?