Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Orthography in the Early Years: Investigating the underlying structure of English words to support essential reading, writing and spelling development

Orthography in the early years
...Is that possible? 
...Is that  an essential part  of children's learning in the early years?
...Why would I teach such a concept to young children?
Please refer to the blog post: Can you teach morphology to young children?


  1. Ms Anderson, I'm Niken from Jakarta. I'm teaching Bahasa Indonesia. I want to say thank you for your presentation "Powerful stories reveal the mysteries of the English spelling system" on the ANPS annual conference. I feel so grateful to attend the section. I will apply your teaching method in my Indonesian classes. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Niken, It was wonderful to meet you and your colleagues last weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing "my story" and I am glad you found the information useful and important for your teaching. It is interesting how we can apply teaching methods and strategies to many different situations. Warm regards, Lyn